Referendum Links

Here you'll find links to a number of sources that were referred to in preparation for and during our seminar on the referendums. Note the inclusion of any links on this page does not imply our endorsement or agreement with the views expressed. The powerpoint presentation from the seminar is available here. You'll find the information from the Electoral Commission here.

Sources referred to in seminar:

End-of-Life Choice Society of NZ Inc - Home

Ten Facts About Medical Aid in Dying - Oregon

Bishop Jim White's submission for the End Of Life Choice Act:

Dr John Kleinsman on Euthanasia

Is there tikanga around euthanasia? (Chris Huriwai quote)

Mamari Stephens: A good death

Anglican Church Official Submission and Story about it

Anglican bishops in disagreement

A look at the law in Belgium 10 years on

Attorney Generals review of the Bill in relation to the Bill of Rights

Other resources you may find useful:

Radio New Zealand stories :

RNZ story about book by NZ journalist Caralise Trayes: The Final Choice

The Spinoff news website coverage, including voices for and against:

Psychological study of Terminally ill people.: The Desire for Death in the Setting of Terminal Illness: A Case Discussion

Resources provided by the Wellington Anglican Diocese:

Euthanasia and End of Life Care Reader: an extremely comprehensive document prepared in April 2019 which seeks to explore argument and counter-argument, and includes a summary of theological and ethical rationales.

Archbishop Philip Richardson’s video message on Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted-Dying, and the End of Life Care Bill (dated 31 March 2019 before the Bill passed to become an Act).

End of Life Choice PowerPoint by Bishop Richard Randerson

Articles by Rev Dr Graham O’Brien, Ministry Educator in the Diocese of Nelson and Co-Chair of the Inter-Church Bioethics Council.

FAQs from the InterChurch Bioethics Council

Resources from the Yes for Compassion advocacy group:

Submissions for, and against, the Bill from a variety of New Zealanders.

Sources referred to in seminar:

NZ Drug Foundation

National Institute of Drug Abuse (USA)

New Zealand Medical Association

Revtalk podcast - maori ministers on both referendums, against cannabis

Former Detectives have different views:

Former Police investigator:

School Principals and Youth Workers views

Helen Clark Foundation: The case for legalising cannabis; see also Buzzy Kiwi interview with Helen Clark

A GP and a Herbalist discussing the side benefits for Medicinal use, the message being that the cost of medicinal cannabis is too high for some patients

Maori viewpoints:

Other resources you may find useful:

Radio New Zealand stories:

The Spinoff news website coverage, including voices for and against:

The New Zealand Centre for Science and Citizenship Trust. advocates decriminalising, not legalising

Resources provided by the Wellington Anglican Diocese:

Things to consider ahead of the Cannabis Referendum by InterChurch Bioethics Council

Interchurch Bioethics Council discussion paper on Legalising Cannabis for Recreational Use in New Zealand.

Cannabis Law Reform (Diocese of Waikato)